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Bridge Of Lies | Series 3 Preview (BBC One)

Ross Kemp presents the quiz show where a team of four friends – in the first episode, Jacqui, Nigel, Phil and Jane – take on the Bridge of Lies.

One by one, they all face the Bridge, choosing who faces each crossing depending on the question category. Each crossing has 32 potential steps, including 22 truths and ten lies.

They must cross the Bridge by stepping on the truths and avoiding the lies, earning money for each correct answer. Step on a lie and the Bridge will halve their money, step on three lies, and they are out of the game.

There is always a safe path across the Bridge. They just have to find it. Once they have each faced the Bridge on their own, those who have been successful will join forces to face the final crossing for a chance to take home the cash.

Gary Chippington, Creative Director of Entertainment at STV Studios, says: “We are so proud of this show. It’s gone from strength to strength and we were delighted by the reaction to the latest series and celebrity specials from audiences and critics alike...

"Our wonderful host, Ross Kemp, plays a huge part in the show’s success, and we’re looking forward to being back in the Glasgow studio with him, some brilliant new contestants and our fantastic production team later this year.”

Bridge Of Lies returns Monday 11th March at 4:30pm on BBC One.


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