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Brave Britain With Fergal Keane | Preview (BBC One)

In this emotionally powerful film, award-winning reporter Fergal Keane goes in search of the same people he first met over 20 years ago in some of Britain’s most hard-pressed communities. In a journey filled with surprises, Keane asks, ‘Where is the hope in today’s Britain?’

His answer comes in stories of everyday courage from people as diverse as Glasgow shipyard workers, Leeds council estate residents and tenant farmers in Cornwall – people struggling with poverty, mental health and the cost-of-living crisis.

This warm-hearted film is at times poignant, at other times funny, and always inspiring. It was produced and directed by Oscar winning film-maker Alice Doyard, who combines archive footage of Keane’s encounters as a younger reporter with his reunions with the same characters, now in the midst of a new economic crisis.

It is a portrait of what has and has not changed in Britain since the millennium, when Keane made his first filmed journey. Standing in a farmyard near Truro in Cornwall, he reflects that the most striking thing about his journey is the kindness he encountered and the desire for community among those he met.

Brave Britain is a tribute to the often-unheard voices of courage across the country, and airs Tuesday 11th July on BBC One.


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