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Julia Bradbury: Breast Cancer and Me | Preview (ITV)

The hour-long film follows Julia as she comes to terms with the news, from the very early days of her diagnosis, to her preparations for a potentially life-saving single mastectomy.

Central to this story is Julia’s support network: her immediate family including her three children, her parents, both of whom are cancer survivors, and her older sister Gina, all of whom are impacted by Julia’s diagnosis and intrinsic to her efforts to recover.

One in seven women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime in the UK. The film candidly follows Julia’s own personal story, seeing her and her family through the process of physical and psychological recovery.

Julia keeps her own personal video diary in the run-up to her surgery, and speaks openly and honestly about her thoughts, feelings and reflections on what she is going through.

Speaking to doctors and other experts, Julia reveals all aspects of this difficult journey, as she also meets other families who are facing similar struggles.

Airs Thursday 28th April at 9pm on ITV.


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