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Raymond Blanc's Royal Kitchen Gardens | Preview (ITV1)

World-renowned chef Raymond Blanc invites viewers to uncover some of the most incredible royal kitchen gardens across the UK.

Throughout the ten-part series to air on ITV1 and ITVX, multi-award-winning chef and author Raymond Blanc is invited to visit five of Britain’s royal kitchen gardens.

With unique access to these captivating spaces and meeting the people who work in them and the chefs who use them, Raymond Blanc will take viewers behind the wall into some never-before-seen culinary compounds.

From the apple tunnel of Highgrove to the sea spray-scented gardens of the Castle of Mey, Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens promises to be a fascinating culinary tour of discovering diverse ingredients and new ways to grow, cook, and eat along the way.

Begins Sunday 18th February on ITV1.


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