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Billy Connolly Does... | Series 3 Preview (Gold)

Billy Connolly Does… finds the Big Yin taking a side-splitting look at three themes that have inspired his 50 plus years in comedy. Kilts, tartans, midges and even Super Gran all feature as he ponders the nature of Scottish Pride.

In Good Food and Bad Habits his smorgasbord of comedy includes porridge, booze, and sweeties plus he reveals what makes a ‘potato of the night.’

And finally, everything from women’s liberation, gay rights and the race to the moon make up a glorious and insightful look at a myriad of revolutions that Billy’s seen come and go over a long and fun filled life.

Mixing Billy’s personal recollections, news, and pop culture archive, along with more incredible stand-up from the archives, this series provides viewers not only with a trip down memory lane, but with a joyful and entertaining spin from Billy’s own anecdotes about his life over the years.


A welcome return for Sir Billy Connolly as raconteur par excellence for the third series of joy filled shaggy dog tales. In this episode Billy goes ‘roaming in the gloaming’ as he lifts his metaphorical kilt to reveal what qualifies as Scottish Pride.


In the penultimate episode of this gloriously fun series The Big Yin considers all the things he has ingested when talking about Good Food and Bad Habits.


Billy returns for the third series of delightful collection shaggy dog tales and personal recollections. This episode he tackles Revolutions, from the Pill to the space race and beyond!

Billy Connolly Does returns Thursday 8th February on Gold.


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