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Billy Connolly Does... | Preview (Gold)

Legendary comic Billy Connolly fronts a new seven-part series which sees him look back at his 50-year stand-up career and offers an unrivalled glimpse into his life.

With unprecedented access to Billy at home this series is all jokes and shaggy dog tales as Billy mixes his unique wisdom with classic stand up.

A wonderful reminder of why we all love the Big Yin. Each of the episodes covers a particular topic, whether that's work, sex, travel, childhood and parenthood or love and marriage and showcases classic and hidden treasures of Billy's stand-up routines.

The series, which is shot in and around his Florida home, provides an intimate guide to Billy's relationship with his material, as well as offering insights into his life.

1/7: Bad Behaviour: Britain’s funniest national treasure revels in his own and others’ bad behaviour. Keith Moon also makes an appearance, as does a truck full of snakes as Billy recounts wild tales of sex, booze and assaulting salesmen with bowls of trifle!

Episodes 1-5 will be available on demand on Sky and Virgin from 24th February with all episodes available in March.


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