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The Big British Beef Battle | Preview (Channel 4)

Channel 4 has commissioned ZANDLAND to make a surprising and disruptive documentary about the impact of diet on climate change, hosted by presenter and journalist Ade Adepitan.

We’ve all heard that going vegan is the best thing for the planet. Less familiar is the message that, actually, by eating chicken instead of beef, you could still be massively reducing your impact on the climate. But that is now the argument that some experts are making.

The climate cost of beef is the highest of any food stuff – and in the UK it’s around five times as much as chicken.

Ade looks at the science and meets those campaigning to “make beef the new smoking”, arguing it should be taken off the menu in government institutions, company canteens, restaurants and homes, as well as farmers and other specialists in the red meat and dairy industry, who contend that beef can be enjoyed sustainably.

While plant-based consumption is seen as the gold standard for the climate, Ade explores whether shifting from beef to chicken is a comparatively small change that would still make a huge impact towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions. He investigates just how easy a switch it could be for consumers, governments and institutions to make.

Ade Adepitan comments: “I’m passionate about climate change and about all of us being properly informed so we can make responsible and impactful decisions which will benefit all of us and our planet. In this documentary we’ll be looking at the actual data and asking some really challenging questions about whether beef should now be off limits”

ZANDLAND Executive Producers Ben Zand & Josh Reynolds add: “We don’t think there’s anyone better to take on such a radical and impactful campaign than Ade...

"Asking a nation to give up one of its most beloved foods won’t be easy, but the data of its impact on the environment is eye-opening. At ZANDLAND we try to push the boundaries of journalism and entertainment, and this show is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference.”

The Big British Beef Battle airs Friday 1st December on Channel 4.


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