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PREVIEW: Big Age, Channel 4

New comedy pilot by acclaimed writer Bolu Babalola, following a group of four young Black-British friends who are in the 'big age' era of their lives.

Sade Layode (Ronke Adékoluejo) has turned 25, dramatically quit her job to be a writer, and decided to tell her friend Zeke (Michael Workeye) how she really feels, all before 10am.

When her best friend, the free-spirited Dela (Racheal Ofori), prescribes a day of decadent distraction to celebrate turning 'twenty-thrive', Sade's quickly on board. Bumping into her old crush Tayo (CJ Beckford) wasn't in the plan, but that meeting, alongside avoiding telling her mother she's quit her job, and a chance encounter with an icon, are just a few of the twists and turns that Sade's birthday has in store for her.

Big Age airs Friday 10th September at 11:05pm on Channel 4.

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