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Before We Die | Series 2 Preview (Channel 4)

The thrilling UK version of the Swedish crime drama returns for a second series. Following the end of series one, DI Hannah Laing (Lesley Sharp) and crime matriarch Dubravka Mimica (Kazia Pelka) are at a loss.

Dubravka's son is missing, presumed dead, and Hannah's has run off overseas with a member of the Mimica crime family. But despite being on opposite sides of the law, both will stop at nothing to protect their sons.

In episode one, Hannah and Billy (Vincent Regan) join forces once again to try to uncover the leak at Police HQ in Bristol. Dubravka is joined by her nephew Goran (Mark Strepan) and comes under pressure from the family in Zagreb to shift drugs. Meanwhile, Christian (Patrick Gibson) and Bianca (Issy Knopfler) find that their Costa Rican hideout isn't as safe as it seems.

In episode two, Bianca (Issy Knopfler) is reunited with her mother Dubravka (Kazia Pelka) against her will, and quickly becomes a prisoner in her own home. Christian (Patrick Gibson) tries to evade the Mimicas and get back to the UK undetected to save her. And Hannah (Lesley Sharp) and Billy (Vincent Regan) have uncovered the mole and struck a deal with him to reveal all before Dubravka can intervene.

In episode three, Hannah (Lesley Sharp) and Billy (Vincent Regan) start to suspect that they can't trust their boss, Chief Superintendent Kane (Steve Toussaint). When they discover that Bianca (Issy Knopfler) is back - but alone - Hannah fears the worst for her son Christian (Patrick Gibson). But Billy has a plan to keep him safe. The race is on to get to Christian before the Mimicas can.

In episode four, Hannah (Lesley Sharp) and Billy (Vincent Regan) hunt for the rat that betrayed them and finally make a breakthrough in the case. This time, Chief Superintendent Kane (Steve Toussaint) is prepared to listen - and he's in for a shock. However, as they edge ever closer to bringing down the Mimicas, the more danger they find themselves in.

In episode five, the police are closing in on the Mimicas and Nicky Harris (Priyanga Burford) in Bristol. With all parties fiercely determined to secure a better future for their families, the war between Hannah (Lesley Sharp) and Dubravka (Kazia Pelka) reaches a bloody conclusion.

Before We Die returns Sunday 25th June at 9pm on Channel 5.


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