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Secrets Of The Bay City Rollers | Preview (ITV1)

This new documentary fronted by Nicky Campbell explores the Bay City Rollers' rise to being one of the biggest pop bands of the '70s as tartan fever spread across the world - while behind the scenes a much darker side to the story played out.

In the 1970s the band took the charts - and Britain's teenagers - by storm, with hits like Shang-A-Lang and Bye Bye Baby topping the hit parade, but as fame faded, it became clear manager Tam Paton was not the champion and protector he appeared.

Nicky returns to his home city of Edinburgh to celebrate the achievements of the Rollers, while exploring how their dreams of teenage stardom were tainted, in a story that brings back memories from that time of traumas of his own.

He speaks to original members of the group like Stuart 'Woody' Wood and Pat McGlynn, while original singer Nobby Clark, along with the widow and son of singer Les McKeown, provide their own testimony about how the band rose to fame, only for the sheen to later be tarnished as dark claims emerged about Tam Paton.

This is a Summer Films production for ITV1 and ITVX airs Thursday 29th June.


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