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PREVIEW: Bad Influencer, BBC Three

Bad Influencer (w/t) will unlock the shocking rise and fall of Belle Gibson, one of Instagram’s first super-influencers.

By 23, Australian Wellness guru Belle Gibson had cultivated an adoring global following online with the story that she’d cured her own terminal cancer by eating a plant-based diet and using alternative natural therapies.

Warm, glamorous and authentic, Belle’s appeal transcended Instagram as she scored a lucrative publishing deal, while winning awards and plaudits in the press. But there was one problem with Belle’s story: she never had cancer.

Seen through the eyes of those who adored her and those who exposed her, Bad Influencer will lift the lid on one of social media’s great mysteries: who was the real Belle Gibson - an ingenious con artist or a vulnerable young woman trapped in a lie?

It will also examine the £3tn global Wellness industry, asking why Belle was allowed to thrive for so long, and asking if the pursuit of eating ‘clean’ is driving some young Brits to ill-health.

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