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PREVIEW: Back To Life (Series 2), BBC Three

Critically acclaimed series Back To Life, created by and starring Daisy Haggard and co-written by Haggard and Perrier Award-winner Laura Solon, returns to BBC Three for a second series.

Episode one Three weeks after we last saw her, and six weeks after leaving prison, Miri Matteson is optimistic about her future. Her probation officer, Janice, has got her a trial shift at the supermarket; she and her neighbour Billy have been spending more time together, and she’s found her crimper.

Episode two After the awkward end to their not-date-date, Miri offers to help Billy sort through Anna’s things. Although picking through the personal belongings of her crush’s dead wife seems like the last thing on Miri’s to-do list.

Episode three The morning after she was knocked off her bike by a mysterious car, Miri is convinced that Mr Boback was the one who drove into her, but her parents are not sure. When Oscar lets slip that the Bobacks are organising a vigil for Lara, Miri takes this as more proof that John is trying to ensure the town never forgets what Miri has done.

Episode four In the aftermath of Lara’s vigil, Miri races back to Mandy’s house to get ready for her date with Billy - the first proper date she has ever had in her life, ever. But Mark intercepts her. It’s Mand - she’s supposed to be returning his waffle maker but his creepy phone tracking app says she’s not at the store, but at the lighthouse...

Episode five Making the strongest coffee in the world won’t help Miri’s nerves about Mandy, what has happened to Mr Boback and the whereabouts of her digital pet. Her stress levels are exacerbated when her social worker Janice reminds Miri that her driving test is today.

Episode six With Mr Boback’s body discovered, no sign of her digital pet and no word from Mandy, Miri realises that she has to go to the police before they come to her. This is probably her last morning of freedom and she wants to spend it with Billy. They will have fun together. Even if an unexpected family member comes along for the ride...

Available on BBC iPlayer as a 6-episode boxset from 6am on Tuesday 31 August.


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