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Georgia And Tommy: Baby Steps | Series 4 Preview (ITVBe)

Georgia & Tommy: Baby Steps was ITVBe's biggest new commission of 2021, generating 458k viewers across all devices, performing best amongst 16-34s.

As series four unfolds, Georgia and Tommy will be gearing up for a jam-packed year ahead. With their wedding now set for next year, the couple have a lot of planning to do, but will they be able to handle it all?

Meanwhile, Brody is growing up fast and is due to start nursery in September, prompting Georgia and Tommy to begin potty training him. However, as Brody approaches his ‘terrible twos,’ Georgia finds him to be needier than ever, whilst Tommy’s relationship with him takes a slide as he struggles to balance work and home life.

With business booming as usual for Tommy, can he set aside the time to be around for Brody more?"

Lime Pictures' director of programming, Rebecca Kenny-Smith, said: “We want to express our sincere gratitude to Georgia and Tommy for their trust in allowing us to share their deeply personal and emotional journey with viewers that will undoubtedly touch many hearts...

She continued: "This series promises to be an authentic and unfiltered portrayal of their experiences, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to bring their story to light with sensitivity and care."

Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps returns Thursday 11th May at 9pm on ITVBe.


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