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Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough | Preview (BBC One)

David Attenborough brings to life, in unprecedented detail, the last days of the dinosaurs.

Palaeontologist Robert DePalma has made an incredible discovery in a prehistoric graveyard: fossilised creatures, astonishingly well preserved, that could help change our understanding of the last days of the dinosaurs.

Evidence from his site records the day when an asteroid bigger than Mount Everest devastated our planet and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Based on brand new evidence, witness the catastrophic events of that day play out minute by minute.

David Attenborough says: “Dinosaurs were among nature's most extraordinary creatures, dominating the planet for over 150 million years before they became extinct. Tanis could be a place where the remains can give us an unprecedented window into the lives of the very last dinosaurs, and a minute-by-minute picture of what happened when the asteroid hit.”

Jack Bootle Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History, says: “BBC Studios Science Unit has brilliantly combined cutting-edge CGI with the very latest science to depict, in meticulous detail, what happened on the day of the asteroid strike. I’ve longed to know exactly how the dinosaurs died ever since I was a little boy. Now, finally, I can see it.”

Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough airs Friday 15th April at 7pm on BBC One.


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