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Anton & Giovanni's Adventures In Spain | Preview (BBC One)

Strictly stars and best friends Anton Du Beke and Giovanni Pernice are livin’ la vida loca as they head to Spain on an epic adventure across Anton’s motherland.

Starting in the south, their road trip takes them through the heart of the country before ending in the north, in the very village where Anton’s mother was born and raised, a place Anton hasn't visited in over four decades.

This landmark trip will see the dancing duo explore the Spain that Anton knew as a child and parts of the country unknown to either of them. In the first leg of their journey the boys drive across the Andalusian region of the country.

After a very dramatic arrival in a hot air balloon, Anton and Giovanni touch down just outside the region's capital city, Seville. Armed with his Spanish mother's list of places to visit, it's not long before the boys hit the city famed for its beautiful weather and relaxed vibe.

Anton and Giovanni’s first stop is the Plaza de España. Built in the 20th century, the plaza has become one of the city's most beloved landmarks. It even comes with its very own canal. True to form, as soon as the boys spot the gondolas, a race ensues, with the loser paying for the ice creams.

From the plaza, the boys head into Seville. Spotting a shop selling one of Spain's most famous accessories, the hand fan, the boys head in and discover a whole secret coded language neither knew existed before.

The following morning, the boys set off for Ronda, one of Anton’s mums’ suggestions, and a town whose ‘buena vista’ makes it one of the most photographed places in Spain.

After a day spent cruising on a yacht off the coast of Marbella, Anton and Giovanni get a change to stretch their legs as they walk the Caminito del Rey, once known as the most dangerous trail in the world.

After a long drive, the boys arrive in Granada, home to one of the country's most visited tourist attractions, the Alhambra, a Unesco World Heritage Site. From there, they head to the Sacromonte district of Granada. This area is the traditional home of the city's thriving Roma community and the birthplace of flamenco.

For Anton and Giovanni, it’s one of the highlights of the whole trip as flamenco is deeply rooted in Andalusian culture, and this is the best place to see the art form at its purest, the perfect end to the first leg of their adventure.

Anton & Giovanni's Adventures In Spain begins Monday 18th March at 9pm on BBC One.


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