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Anne | Preview (ITV)

Fifteen-year-old Kevin Williams (Campbell Wallace) is a huge Liverpool FC fan. He’s desperate to go to the semi-final against Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield and begs his mum, Anne Williams (Maxine Peake) and step-dad Steve Williams (Stephen Walters), to let him go.

They are uneasy about letting Kevin go to away games, but they see how badly he wants to go. They relent and on Saturday 15th April 1989 Kevin travels to the match with his friend Andy. When he doesn’t return home, and following reports of fatalities from the terrible overcrowding at the game, Anne and Steve drive to Sheffield to try to find him.

They are eventually led to a room full of polaroid's and asked to identify their son from among the faces of the dead. Traumatised and grief stricken, they attend the inquest into Kevin’s death expecting answers. But the evidence they hear at the inquest throws up even more questions.

Anne and Steve’s confusion is reinforced by a visit from an Inspector the day after the inquest. He says he has come to clear up some details they may have heard the previous day, and explains how the witness evidence is at odds with the medical evidence.

After an overall verdict of accidental death for all 95 people who died at the match, Anne can’t let her anger and frustration rest. In the hope of finding other families like her who believe justice has not been done, she joins the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

Anne begins Sunday 2nd January at 9pm on ITV.


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