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Amy Childs: The Twin Life | Preview (ITVBe)

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs is to front her own reality series for ITVBe and ITVX, following her pregnancy journey as she prepares to give birth to twins.

Filming has started on the series, which is expected to air later this year. Across the series, cameras will follow Amy and boyfriend Bill as they prepare to welcome twins into their lives.

Revealing the news on Instagram, Amy said: "Right …. SO I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’ve only gone and got my very own show on ITVBe, Amy Childs: The Twin Life! I’m so excited to bring you on our journey from pregnancy to birth all the ups and downs - absolutely no filter!"

Amy told The Sun newspaper: "I love big families, but I think four is ideal. Two boys, two girls. Bill hasn’t got children, he’s 40 this year. He’s always wanted to be a dad, but obviously, he’s never met the right person. Me having the two kids, Polly and Ritch, I was a bit like: 'Mmm. I would have been really happy to stay at two…’ But meeting Bill, I thought: 'Do you know what, I will see.'"

ITVBe has been home to many reality series following the personal lives of TOWIE stars - Ferne McCann First Time Mum and The Mummy Diaries continue to be a big hit for ITVBe. Former TOWIE stars Gemma Collins and Georgia & Tommy also have series on the channel.

Amy Childs: The Twin Life airs on ITVBe.


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