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George Clarke's Amazing Spaces | Series 11 Preview (Channel 4)

George Clarke returns with a new series that celebrates small-space builders. He also unveils one of his most ambitious and personal builds to date, as he sets out to create a stunning, one-off Arts and Crafts caravan to replace the eccentric static he built in his first-ever series.

And he's not alone when it comes to ambition, adventure, and amazing builds, as he discovers an array of unlikely projects; from a converted plane to a boat sunk into a back garden.

In this episode, George visits a carpenter who's trying to save a boat bound for the breakers yard, and a woman rebuilding her business thanks to a vintage caravan that she wants to turn into a vegan café.

Meanwhile, George heads to Israel - a land of architectural contrasts - to visit a gorgeous modern apartment carved out of three centuries-old rooms in the ancient city of Jaffa. Dirs: Jonathan Profaska, Jack Thompson,?

All episodes of this series will be available to stream or download on All 4, for free, following the transmission of this episode on Monday 9th January.


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