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Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby At Christmas | Preview (BBC Two)

Monica Galetti and Rob Rinder are put to work behind the scenes of eight of the world’s most extraordinary hotels.

Monica and Rob head to the snowy Alps to discover the little known Panorama Hotel Hubertus – a resort in the Tyrol region of Northern Italy that’s the vision of one family.

Their hotel gives spectacular views of the mountains because its thoroughly modern architecture is something to behold - with dramatic angles and levitating pools and saunas.

This creative architecture serves as a magnet to attract thousands of guests to this otherwise quiet valley. The Gasser family run this hotel and also have links to the world-class ski resort above it – all bringing valuable income into the community.

Rob and Monica work behind the scenes in the unique ‘Heaven and Hell’ spa, cleaning the suspended pool, leading mountain treks and get to know the family behind the vision.

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby airs Christmas Eve on BBC Two.


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