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All Creatures Meets The Yorkshire Vet | Preview (Channel 5)

Just over 50 years ago, an unassuming vet called Alf Wight, under the name James Herriot, put pen to paper and created a global phenomenon.

The series of books – All Creatures Great and Small – tell the story of Alf’s life and work as a vet in the glorious landscape of North Yorkshire. Nearly 30 years after his death, the name James Herriot lives on in a TV adaptation of the books, and through its modern-day counterpart, The Yorkshire Vet. This is the story of when the two worlds meet.

With exclusive behind the scenes access to the film set and studios, Peter Wright and Shona Searson from The Yorkshire Vet, go back in time to experience 1940s Darrowby at the most wonderful time of the year, and get an unseen glimpse into the magic that the Christmas special has to offer.

To top off the excitement, Peter gets a very special opportunity to feature in the series himself - a world away from his life as a Yorkshire vet.

After experiencing life behind the scenes of the popular drama, it’s the actors turn to discover what life is like as a Yorkshire vet. Anna Madeley who plays Mrs Hall and Samuel West (Siegfried Farnon) head to Thirsk to discover more about the magical stories of James Herriot.

And who better to learn from than Peter Wright, who worked with both Alf Wight (also known as James Herriot) and Donald Sinclair, who Sam’s character is based on.

Airs Thursday 21st December on Channel 5.


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