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All Creatures Great and Small: Christmas Special | Preview (Channel 5)

It’s Christmas in Darrowby and everyone is trying to make the most of things while the world is at war.

A young guest brings some wonder, mischief and cheer to Skeldale house while everyone waits for important news. When Mrs Pumphrey heralds the arrival of a kitten in need of some extra care at Pumphrey Manor, James has just the person to take him under their wing.

Siegfried is asked to pay a visit to an injured River just before a big race and makes an important discovery which Sebright Saunders uses as leverage to get River back on the racetrack. Siegfried risks compromising himself and everything he stands for, but Tristan has other ideas.

When Mrs Hall runs into Gerald at the market and hears his news, she finds herself inviting him to a Skeldale Christmas party that hasn’t been organised. The rest of the house help her cobble together some guests and a spread – but will he come, and if he does, is Mrs Hall ready to tell him how she feels?

All Creatures Great & Small airs Friday 23rd December at 9pm on Channel 5.


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