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Absolutely Dyer: Danny And Dani Do Italy | Preview (E4)

Danny Dyer is on a mission to fill in some of the gaps in his beloved first-born Dani's general knowledge.

So he's organised their first ever dad-and-daughter road trip; a four-week culture tour of Italy, taking in all the scenery, art and history they can handle... and trying to find out if this travel lark is really their thing. What chaos will they cause?!

The Dyers' tour of Italy starts in Sicily, where Danny has put together a week that he hopes will inspire Dani. The trip kicks off by sampling the street food scene in Palermo and catching their own dinner.

Danny gets spiritual - and physical - by a volcano, and the dad-and-daughter duo discuss everything from life and death to the birds and bees.

The whole series will be available to stream or download on All 4 following the transmission of this episode on Sunday 23rd April.


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