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Five Dates A Week | Preview (Channel 4)

Five Dates a Week is the dating show that fast-tracks the 'getting to know you' phase of the relationship.

It features hopeful romantics of all genders and sexual orientations, opening themselves up to the affections of five live-in suitors... all at the same time. The 'picker' and their five potential partners move in together to romantic Cupid Cottage.

Throughout the week, the suitors compete against each other to stay the course, knowing that, each day, one of them must be eliminated. When five become one, will the final admirer turn out to be the perfect match?

In episode one, handsome 24-year-old social media content creator Michael says he has trouble meeting women who like him for more than just his looks. He's hoping the real deal awaits him inside Cupid Cottage.

The five single women vying for his affection include Miranda, a singer-songwriter from Cornwall.

Her romantic crooning seems to be winning Michael over, much to the annoyance of outspoken recruitment consultant Poppy. As for personal banker Zainab, she's hoping that Michael shares her drive and ambition. Tensions rise in the house when Brittany, a trainee paramedic, locks horns with bling-loving Poppy.

Bubbly account manager Charley completes the line-up. She wonders how she can stand out and show Michael her softer side. When Michael's mum turns up to help him find the right girl, which of them will seize the opportunity to impress?

The full series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 following the transmission of this episode on Sunday 29th May.


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