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22 Kids At Christmas | Preview (Channel 5)

It’s Christmas! Sue Radford’s favourite time of year. Why else would you have 22 kids? Piles of presents, show-stopping decorations and a massive tree, free-flowing goodies and treats for all her family.

This year it has to be absolutely perfect. With son Daniel planning to move to Australia in the new year, it could be the last Radford Christmas as a family of 22.

However, the family are at war with one another as sibling rivalry reaches dizzying new heights.

Oscar and Casper won’t stop fighting, Hallie and Phoebe scream and argue over toys, the older children’s romances are on the rocks, and the escalating fallout between Luke and Chloe, who are still not talking, has got so bad it threatens to completely ruin the festive period.

In this Christmas special, Sue and Noel attempt to bring their family back together with a variety of incentives including a surprise party at the bakery, a present reward chart (that goes horribly wrong!), and team-building pie-tastic fun at the Christmas Markets.

With nothing working and with unabated fighting, Sue flees to her Mum’s in despair. Will Noel be able to rally the troops and save the day for Sue, and, in turn, save the last Radford Christmas?

Airs Sunday 17th December on Channel 5.


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