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The 1970s Dinner Party | Preview (Channel 5)

The makers of breakout nostalgia hit The 1970s Supermarket take another colourful trip back in time to the golden age of the dinner party.

We’re bringing back the lost art of entertaining for one night only, and resurrecting the show-off dinner party classics that have been lost to the sands of time.

In a suitably retro suburban house we’re throwing a 1970s-style dinner party for four of the decade’s most famous faces.

With Debbie McGee as host, TV chef Rustie Lee rustles up retro recipes for the guests; TV presenter Johnny Ball, pop star Cheryl Baker, actor Vicki Michelle and musician Leee John.

The guests tuck into a crazy take on fondue and crepes suzette, which provides the perfect opportunity to reminisce and learn about the decade when more Brits became homeowners, furniture became fashionable, and food was flamboyant.

So, throw your coat in the spare room, drop your keys in a bowl and get ready for a very special evening. Eight or late, with a good excuse.

Airs this December on Channel 5.


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