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What to watch this week.

Doctor Who

Christmas Day, BBC One

Long ago, on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow. Today, Ruby Sunday meets the Doctor, goblins, stolen babies and, perhaps, the secret of her birth.


Christmas Day, BBC One

Mike’s mum visits, but her attempts to lend a hand drive Alison and Mike mad. To make matters worse, Betty soon senses something is awry with Button House, but does she know what?


Christmas Day, BBC One

In a flash, Denise, Kathy, Linda, Sharon, Stacey and Suki’s lives are permanently changed forever as a Walford male meets his fate in The Vic.

The Piano

Christmas Day, Channel 4

Commissioned from Love Productions, the new series of The Piano,  expanded from five episodes to seven, will create incredible opportunities for undiscovered pianists to showcase their talent on public pianos across the UK, including some new iconic locations.

Murder Is Easy

Wednesday 27th December, 9pm, BBC One

A stranger’s death leads Luke Fitzwilliam to the quiet village of Wychwood, where he is determined to prove that a series of tragic ‘accidents’ is in fact the work of a killer.


Wednesday 27th December, ITV1

Noele Gordon is at the height of her success, with her famous soap opera Crossroads riding high in the ratings. Then she’s suddenly sacked overnight - but why?

The Kemps All Gold

Friday 29th December, BBC Two Spandau Ballet brothers Martin and Gary Kemp return to the BBC for a New Year comedy documentary. Rhys Thomas has been given unprecedented access to their lives for the whole year.


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