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What to watch this week.

When Barbara Met Alan

Monday, BBC Two

The untold love story of two cabaret performers and disability rights activists who met at a gig, fell in love and became the driving force behind an unprecedented campaign of direct action.

The Great Celebrity Bake Off

Tuesday, Channel 4

More celebrities enter Britain's most famous tent and put their baking skills to the test, inspiring viewers to do the same and raise awareness for Stand Up To Cancer.

The Simpler Life

Tuesday & Wednesday, Channel 4

In this brand-new show, 24 ordinary Brits leave behind their jobs and their homes for an extraordinary summer, cut off from the modern world, on a remote farmstead in Devon. Together, they live by the principles of a community which rejects modern values and technology - the Amish - eating what they sow and harvest themselves and going to sleep by candlelight when the sun goes down.


Wednesday & Friday, BBC One

The first set of nine contestants try to appear John and Gregg by cooking two signature dishes.

Love In The Flesh

Wednesday & Thursday, BBC Three

Five couples who met online go on their first romantic date to see if sparks will fly in the flesh.

Not Going Out

Friday, BBC One

Unfortunately for Lee and Lucy, Wendy rediscovers her love of painting and gifts them a portrait of Frank.


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