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What to watch this week.

Best Interests

Monday - Tuesday, BBC One

As Marnie’s health deteriorates, doctors say it's in her best interests to stop care. Defiant, her parents prepare to fight their decision. But doubt soon grows – what is right?

Sarah Beeny Vs Cancer

Monday, Channel 4

In this deeply personal documentary Sarah explores the past, present and future of breast cancer treatment in the UK, with filming starting just three weeks after her initial diagnosis.

Count Abdulla

Thursday, ITVX

Count Abdulla follows Abdulla Khan (Arian Nik) - a mid-twenties British Muslim doctor stuck in an identity crisis, caught between his religious mother Bushra (Nina Wadia) and his secular, hedonistic friends. But when Abdulla is bitten by a vampire (Jaime Winstone) he suddenly becomes the outsider’s outsider.

Britain's Most Expensive Houses

Thursday, Channel 4

The series with exclusive access to some of the UK's most extraordinary properties returns, following the brokers at UK Sotheby's International Realty. The super prime property market is booming and competition to court ultra-high-net-worth individuals with money to spend is fierce.

Queen Of Oz

Friday, BBC One

Comedy sitcom. Princess Georgiana aka Georgie, unwanted spare to the British throne, arrives in Australia, kicking and screaming with her new staff.

Celebrity Gogglebox

Friday, Channel 4

A rolling cast of famous faces and some of Britain's favourite personalities hit the sofa as they watch the week's big shows, sharing their sharp, insightful and funny points of view.

Van Der Valk

Sunday, ITV1

The street-smart detective is once again joined by Maimie McCoy as Inspector Lucienne Hassell, Darrell D’Silva as team pathologist Hendrik Davie and Emma Fielding as Chief Commissaris Julia Dahlman. Returning cast members are joined by new team members Sergeants Citra Li played by Django Chan-Reeves and Eddie Suleman played by Azan Ahmed.


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