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What to watch this week.

Joe Swash: Teens In Care

Tuesday, BBC One

Documentary that follows Joe Swash as he explores the stories of teens in care over the age of 16, the largest-growing cohort in both child protection and care.

Sky Coppers

Tuesday, Channel 4

This brand-new police investigation series follows the work of the West Midlands Police Drone Unit. Drone tech is a specialist ultra-modern toolhelping officers in their investigations as theytrack criminals from the sky.


Tuesday-Friday, Channel 5

Danny Dyer leads the cast in an intense four-part drama set in Victoria, Australia. British ex-pats and best mates Steve (Danny Dyer) and Brad (Darren McMullen) now live in different parts of Australia with their wives and families.

Boris Becker: Game Set And Match

Thursday, ITVX

This brand new series for ITVX reveals the untold, inside story of how one of the world’s greatest sporting stars ended up in Wandsworth Jail. Boris Becker took the tennis world by storm when he won Wimbledon aged just 17. He became as famous as a rock star with luxury homes across the globe and making headline news.

Celebrity Save Our Sperm

Thursday, Channel 4

Three celebrities will undergo a series of experiments over eight weeks to improve their sperm quality and share their own reasons for taking part in the treatments.

World On Fire

Sunday, BBC One

The war reaches the sands of the Egyptian desert while bombs fall on Manchester, and Harry introduces an explosive force into Robina’s household, leaving her reeling.

90 Day Fiance UK

Sunday, Discovery+

Followed for 90 days, the couples decide whether they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together as they navigate the reality of long-distance romance, which often involves a collision of cultures, explosive family dramas and dating dilemmas.


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