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What to watch this week.


Weekdays, BBC One

Jason Manford hosts the quiz show where players face a question and pick from a board of six rankable answers. Some answers are good, but only one is unbeatable.

Rain Dogs

Tuesday, BBC One

Facing eviction from their flat, single mum Costello and daughter Iris scramble to find housing before nightfall. Selby's return from prison receives mixed reactions.

Naked Education

Tuesday, Channel 4

Anna Richardson, Yinka Bokinni and Dr Alex George present the newbody-positive educational series that aims to normalise all body types, champion people's differences and break down stereotypes.

Reunion Hotel

Thursday, BBC Two

Tegan fell on the Tube tracks and wants to meet the man who saved her, Lee hopes to find the brother he didn’t know he had, and a little girl thanks builders who changed her life.


Thursday, Sky Atlantic

In the seaside town of Margate, Trish is pregnant and expecting a girl and her sisters Clare and Leila rally around her with their mum.

Meet The Richardsons

Thursday, Dave

Jon has a midlife crisis as his 40th birthday looms, and it doesn't help when Ben Elton is in the audience of his work-in-progress show - meanwhile, Lucy meets Katherine Ryan.


Friday, BBC Two

Seven well-known personalities, with differing faiths and beliefs, meet in northern Portugal to tackle a modern Catholic pilgrimage: the famous sanctuary in the city of Fatima.


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