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Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman's Discovery+ series Portals To Hell has been axed after three season, it's been confirmed. The series aired on Really in the UK.

The series sees the avid paranormal investigators embark on their chilling journey to haunted locations across the U.S., confronting the dark side of the supernatural as they seek concrete evidence that a spirit world exists.

In each episode, Osbourne and Weidman dive headfirst into a site, examining unusual incidents while utilizing specialized technology and a network of experts, including psychic mediums, in their search for answers.

Michelle Belanger said: "By now you have probably heard the news that Portals To Hell has been cancelled. We will not be coming back, Jack, Katrina, or I, on Portals To Hell. I'm definitely proud of my time with that show, I had a really good time, and it was delightful getting the know Jack as an investigator and as a person. And of course, it's always great working with Paranormal State friend Katrina Weidman."

Portals To Hell is available to stream on Discovery+.


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