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PREVIEW: Pooch Perfect, BBC One

Dog fanatic Sheridan Smith and her fluffy co-host Stanley are on a mission to find the nation’s best dog groomer, in this brand new competitive dog styling series.

In this first heat, the four groomers are given one of the most popular breeds to grace British salons - the long haired Shih-Tzu. Next the groomers need to let their imagination off the lead when they give four curly coated canines a cute Teddy Bear trim to parade on The Dogwalk in front of their owners. Pooch Perfect also features Colin Taylor and Verity Hardcastle as judges whilst Dr Bolu Eso is the show’s resident vet.

Sheridan says: "To combine my love of dogs with a brand new job presenting for the BBC was a match made in heaven! Everyone who knows me will understand that animals, and especially dogs are very special to me. I live at home with six dogs, so presenting a show dedicated to our four-legged best friends didn’t take much consideration! I’m used to being on set with lots of actors, this time I can’t wait to hang out all day with dozens of dogs. It is literally my dream job!"

Pooch Perfect begins Thursday 7th January at 8pm on BBC One.

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