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The 6x45' series is due to air on ITV later this year.

Each week, Paul O'Grady will be joined by a load of celebrities who will be asked to line up in order of 'best' to 'worst', or 'most likely' to 'least likely' in a variety of different scenarios.

Such as who is the most embarrassing parent, who is the most likely to get fired or who is the biggest flirt? All our celebrities need to do to win is correctly arrange themselves from best to worst in Paul's line up to match the order that the Great British public has already ranked them in. Join us in studio to find out how they get on.

A pilot episode was filmed in 2019. ITV are yet to officially announce the commission.

The show will be filming at Elstree on the following dates: Monday 21st June, Tuesday 22nd June, Thursday 24th June and Friday 25th June. Audience tickets are available via Lost In TV.

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