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Comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont are on a quest to find perfect couples. Not regular couples, showbiz and comedian couples. Celebrity spouses just like them.

Jon and Lucy’s Perfect Couples (w/t) is a new comedy panel show from Manchester-based King of Sunshine Productions, pitting celebrity couples against each other in a series of mischievous rounds to discover who is the perfect couple.

Each episode features two pairs of showbiz lovebirds daring to subject themselves to Jon and Lucy’s probing into their private lives.

Relationship secrets are spilled as dirty laundry is aired, grievances shared and irritations examined, all while Jon, Lucy and a professional marriage therapist sit on in judgement, on the hunt for the perfection.

The road to be crowned a perfect couple begins before the celebs even get to the studio, when Jon and Lucy take them to a special couples’ retreat to complete a variety of daft, physical games designed to test key relationship skills such as communication and trust.

Jon Richardson said: "For too long now I have snuck out of our house and, behind her back, told audiences around the country about the things Lucy does that annoy me. I am grateful to Channel 4 for giving me the opportunity to air these grievances to her face and hope audiences enjoy the opportunity to see a small and petty man roasted and humiliated in return, as celebrity guests and a studio audience watch on with glee...

I hope we can make a show that will generate some much-needed laughter, make couples realise that their relationships are not as bad as they thought and make single people appreciate how lucky they are."

Lucy Beaumont said: “Jon doesn’t want to spend time with celebrities and I don’t want to spend time with Jon, so I think Channel 4 have found the perfect recipe for a couples based panel show. Good luck to us all in all honesty, and I hope people can feel slightly better about their own relationships, and we can laugh in the face of celibacy.”

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events at Channel 4 said “The industry really engaged with our panel pilot initiative last year and it’s so pleasing to commission a brilliant regional team on a show that shares some of that funny and mischievous DNA of our other panel shows including Taskmaster and Cats Does Countdown.”

Tom Beck, Head of Live Events at Channel 4, said: “I’m pretty sure Jon and Lucy have the perfect showbiz marriage and therefore cannot think of anyone more qualified to sit and judge the relationships of other celebrity couples. I’m certain it will be both very funny and super useful for any couples watching.”

Sohail Shah at King of Sunshine said: “We are so excited to be working with Jon and Lucy and Executive Producer Lee Hupfield on this new show that really explores what makes the perfect pairing...

"Whether you’re famous or not, relationships can be tricky, so who better to put couples through their paces than the most emotionally open couple in showbusiness...

What Jon and Lucy don’t know about affairs of the heart isn’t worth knowing. Our celebrities, and the audience, are in for a treat.”


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