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BBC Factual today announces Parenthood, a brand new five part natural history series for BBC One and iPlayer.

Parenthood in the animal kingdom is a high-stakes game. In a world full of danger, some animal parents go to extreme lengths to ensure the survival of their offspring.

This new five-part natural history series for BBC One and iPlayer explores the extraordinary strategies and ingenious tricks that animal parents employ to give their young a head start in life.

From Orcas teaching their offspring to hunt Blue Whales, to Orangutan showing their young to make their beds, to Hippo families navigating the terrifying African night. Parenthood is an adventure – and our cameras are there to capture every gripping moment.

Just like us, animal parents can be caring, patient, dedicated, short-tempered and foolish. Elephant mothers will dedicate themselves to showing their calves where to find water, Cardinalfish fathers endure housing their fry inside their own mouths, whilst a lion pride adopts the cubs of a recently killed matriarch and raise them to become giant hunters.

Made by Silverback Films, the award-winning filmmakers behind Wild Isles, The Hunt and The Mating Game, and in association with All3Media International, Parenthood is filmed over three years on six continents, using the latest 8k filming technology. Capturing never-before-seen behaviours, the series reveals the joy and drama of animal parenthood in a rapidly changing world.

Parenthood (5x60) is for BBC One and iPlayer.


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