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Channel 5 announce a new two-year deal with the Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, with 20 more episodes coming to the channel from this Spring.

Channel 5 say: "Our Yorkshire Farm demonstrates Channel 5’s continued commitment to the nations and regions, particularly in Yorkshire, where it has invested over £20m since 2015. The channel’s support for the regions is aligned with a substantial viewership outside of London, Yorkshire, North West, Border, and Eastern Regions of the UK."

Daniel Pearl, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5 said: "Our Yorkshire Farm is such a special programme. It’s more than just a heart-warming documentary, it is a deeper exploration of family bonds, parenting styles and the desire among so many of us to live closer to nature. The Owens are a true inspiration and I can’t wait to see what these next two years will bring."

Natalie Wilkinson, Executive Producer, Renegade Pictures added: "As a dedicated production team, we are excited to continue developing the delightful storylines and to maintain our production values, which makes it feel like a beautiful, warm family drama, evolving from an observational documentary."

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