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Channel 4 have commissioned Ottoman Empire By Train, a 5x60' series from Spark Media presented by Professor Alice Roberts. It follows the successful first series of Ancient Egypt By Train, which was also fronted by Roberts.

Across the five episodes, Professor Alice Roberts will travel to Adana, Konya, Ankara and Istanbul where she will meet local experts which are either writing or teaching on the Ottomans.

Alice takes the sleeper train for over 1,600 miles to Europe from Asia as she makes her way up the Balkans from Sofia to Belgrade and Timisoara and finishing at Budapest, the northern limit of the Ottoman Empire.

Spark Media's Steve Havers said: "Alice relishes the chance to broaden her knowledge about these great empires from the past by talking to authentic local experts who are rooted in their communities...

"Alice does, of course, show these local experts great respect -but her scientific background means that she’s always pressing them for evidence and challenging traditional thought. Alice and the team can’t wait to see what adventures the train will take them on next."

Paul Heaney, CEO of BossaNova, added: "Whatever else is happening, the new world of financing unscripted is alive and very well and Ottoman Empire by Train is the proud follow up to a partnership that is delivering well for all."

Broadcast details will be announced in due course.


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