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ITV1 and ITVX's extensive Oscars® coverage tripled UK Oscars® viewing year-on-year while viewers also flocked to stream the I’m Just Ken performance. 

In total, the combined reach of all of ITV1 and ITVX’s Oscars® content offerings - including exclusive red carpet and behind-the-scenes moments - hit 5.2 million viewers, 7-day figures across devices show. 

Taking into account just the ceremony alone, UK viewers tripled, with more than 800,000 viewers watching the awards for free, compared to just over 270,000 the previous year when it required Sky access. 

Outside of those watching the ceremony and red carpet, it was Ryan Gosling’s performance of I’m Just Ken from the Barbie movie that proved the stand-out individual moment for UK viewers, becoming the most-streamed standalone performance on ITVX. 

Making the esteemed Hollywood event free-to-air for UK viewers for the first time in almost two decades, viewing peaked with 1.1m viewers across devices on the glitzy night itself, with Jonathan Ross and his panel of VIP guests commenting on the action as the all important awards were given out via Oscars® LIVE, produced by ITV Studios Daytime, executive produced by Sue Walton and series producer Daniel Robinson. 

A plethora of additional content made available via the Oscars® Collection remains available on ITVX, which just enjoyed its biggest month ever in January and has had 3.8 billion streams since launch. 


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