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Channel 4 has commissioned Open (w/t), a bold new social experiment exploring whether relationships can thrive without monogamy from Firecracker Films.

Open (w/t) is a bold new social experiment, following a group of currently monogamous couples as they explore for the first time whether they would be happier in an open relationship.

Though still largely taboo, the question of whether or not humans are truly suited for monogamy is a universal preoccupation which continues to divide opinion, not only among scientists, but among the public at large.

But what are the implications of renouncing monogamy? Assisted by sex therapists and relationship coaches, the couples will embark on a series of intimate challenges to road-test if the idea of having sex with other people is at odds with maintaining a committed relationship.

Tim Hancock said, “This provocative new series confronts a profound and unsettling question that is rarely asked openly – but with the insight, warmth and sensitivity of the best factual entertainment formats.”

Jes Wilkins said: “I’m delighted to be in at the start of C4’s Global Format Fund journey with a new series that has so many of the provocative and purposeful hallmarks of successful shows that Firecracker have made for Channel 4 in the past”


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