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Once Upon a Time In Zante will document and celebrate a generation that has given up so much as they head to the Med to make up for the past year with a holiday like no other.

The pandemic and lockdowns have changed people in ways we’re barely beginning to realise. “Generation Lockdown” have had so many milestones – graduations, GCSE exams and results, 18th and 21st birthday parties – cruelly snatched from them by Covid19. This series will be an exuberant celebration of the classic British “rite of passage” holiday as this group of young people experience the joy of socialising again as restrictions relax in the summer of 2021.

As well as following young Brits as they navigate a post-lockdown holiday, Once Upon a Time In Zante will shine a light on the locals who are longing for the return of the British tourist as the world emerges from the darkness of Covid19 hoping for a summer like no other.

Channel 4 Factual senior commissioning editor, Anna Miralis said: “With the world slowly opening up, Once Upon a Time In Zante will give a unique view of young people as they find their feet and try to get to grips with their “new normal”. Having missed out on so much over the past year or so, it will be great to see how their attitudes towards this rite of passage holiday might have changed, or will they simply be out in the Med desperate for sun, sea and normality.”

Nick Hornby added: “After what these kids have missed out on this summer means so much – we’ll be celebrating this with all of the wit and style that Channel 4 docs are known for.”


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