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Olivia Attwood will make a full-bodied lunge into the world of cosmetic surgery for a brand new ITV series.

Following the success of her current ITV show, Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich, which explores online sex, Olivia will now immerse herself in an even more eye-boggling and cash-crazed industry - and one which she, herself, is no stranger to.

In the age of the “tweakment”, the self-scrutiny of the Zoom Boom and the ubiquity of social media, Britain’s cosmetic surgeons have never been busier as one in three of us say we’d be up for a nip and tuck.

As a veteran of two boob jobs, a thread lift and multiple injectables, Olivia Attwood is not entirely new to cosmetic surgery.

But, in this fresh and immersive series, Olivia wants to go way beyond her previous experience to find out how science and social media are redefining beauty as we all chase the perfect selfie.

In the hands-on style viewers of Getting Filthy Rich will be familiar with, Olivia will not flinch from delving into intimate areas to give viewers the inside track on the latest trends as well as the pitfalls to beware of as she sheds new light on cosmetic surgery’s winners and losers.

In each episode, Olivia will investigate a different part of the body, as she sets out to be the perfect guide to Olivia’s Perfect Vagina, Olivia’s Perfect Bum, Olivia’s Perfect Penis, Olivia’s Perfect Boobs and Olivia’s Perfect Face.

Olivia will embed herself with patients and practitioners, discovering the astonishing range of procedures now available and why so many people are so keen to undergo them. She will hop on to the table to try some out for herself and perhaps even sample the other side of the syringe by administering treatments.

Frank, funny and relatable, this series will lift the lid on our search for the perfect body.

Olivia said: “I am completely fascinated by cosmetic surgery and I've always been open about the treatments I've had done. This is an opportunity for me to get under the skin of the industry, meet key players, find out what's happening - the good, the bad and the ugly - and what direction we're heading in. I can't wait to get started."

Kate said: “Olivia is a fantastic talent and we are thrilled she is fronting another series for us at ITV. I can’t think of a better guide for viewers to give them a genuinely revealing insight into the reality of an industry that is now entirely mainstream and do it with real honesty, curiosity and humour.”

The series is produced by Optomen Television. Executive Producers are Tina Flintoff and Nick Hornby.


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