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Due to ongoing events in Morocco following the country's deadliest earthquake in 60 years, Channel 5 have made changes to its schedule of Nick Knowles's Railway Adventures.

The new series was due to begin with an episode set in Morocco, right where it sits on the border between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. His train leaves from Tangier and it’s a special one: Al Boraq, which speeds along the high-speed line making its way down the west coast.

Instead, Channel 5 have rearranged the order of episodes. Episode one will see Nick kick off the new series by taking in three capital cities: Prague in the Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia, and Budapest in Hungary.

Among his experiences he views a complex 600-year-old astronomical clock, makes a precipitous clamber around the perimeter of an observation tower, visits the Hungarian Railway Museum, and embarks on a river cruise with two reality TV stars to hear how young Hungarians view their country, past, present, and future

Returns Friday 22nd September on Channel 5.


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