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A new three-year deal between the National Football League (NFL) and ViacomCBS will see Channel 5 air Monday Night NFL this season. The channel will air a new Sunday morning magazine program on the sport. Channel 5 was previously an NFL broadcaster from 1998 to 2009.

Kirsten Watson will present, joined by former player Maurice Jones-Drew and other guests. NFL End Zone, will be presented by American actress Cory Yarckin. The show will be filmed in the US and broadcast every Sunday morning at 11:30am.

 Sameer Pabari, NFL Managing Director for International Media said “We are very proud to have agreed a new partnership with ViacomCBS and Channel 5. The range of content available across different time slots and platforms means there is something for everyone – from established fans to those new to the sport. We look forward to working with the ViacomCBS family to develop a vibrant community around their coverage of our sport.”


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