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Neighbours have introduced a brand new family, the Varga-Murphys. The Varga-Murphy family comprises mums, Remi and Cara, and two teenage sons, JJ and Dex. Marley Williams (Dex), Sara West (Cara),Riley Bryant (JJ), Naomi Rukavina (Remi).

A teaser shares: "The Varga-Murphys are Ramsay Street’s newest addition. Despite their different outlooks on life, mothers Cara and Remi are a united front when parenting their teenage sons, JJ and Dex.

The household is full of love and playful energy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect fireworks. Someone in the family has an ulterior motive for being in Erinsborough… And it’ll have explosive ramifications for their neighbours."

As previously announced, Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy), Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) and Ryan Moloney (Toadie Rebecchi) will return. Amazon have announced that Ian Smith (Harold Bishop), Melissa Bell (Lucy Robinson) and April Rose Pengilly (Chloe Brennan) will have guest roles.

Lauren Anderson, head of AVoD original content and programming, Amazon Studios said: "Neighbours has captivated its audience for nearly 40 years, building a dedicated and loyal following for the lives and stories of the characters on Ramsay Street. With the power of streaming, we’re able to offer a catalogue of thousands of Neighbours episodes for new audiences to discover this legendary series and current fans to relive their favorite moments..

"We look forward to immersing the audience in new Ramsay Street experiences when we relaunch the show next year for Amazon Freevee and Prime Video customers."

Jennifer Mullin, global CEO, Fremantle, added: "Neighbours is a unique series with a powerful connection with its fans across the world. We cherish the show and all those who have been part of its incredible story over many decades, so we are thrilled that we have found a new home with Amazon Freevee...

"Thanks to the innovative Amazon Freevee platform, many classic episodes will be available to fans, and Neighbours will go back into full production in Australia early next year, providing our fans with new episodes...

"This partnership with Amazon Freevee marks an exciting new chapter, and we look forward to collaborating with them, along with our long-term and valued partner in Australia, Network 10."

The new series will premiere exclusively for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US later this year.


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