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Murder Island, a murder mystery reality series written by Ian Rankin, one of Britain's most successful crime writers, will not be returning to Channel 4 for a second series.

Trying to unpick the plot and solve the crime was eight ordinary members of the public who believe they have what it takes to find the murderer and win the £50,000 reward. The four teams of amateur detectives arrive on an island by boat, greeted by senior investigating officerParm Sandhu and her two deputies, Simon Harding and Graham McMillan (Maca).

They are whisked off to the crime scene, the Manse, where the body of Charly Hendricks was discovered a few hours earlier. The Manse is an old, rundown property that Charly had been renting from the local pub landlord Tony Slade.

A murder investigation begins. Among the blood and forensics are the clues to understanding the victim and her lifestyle. Simon and Maca remind the sleuths of an old police saying: if you can discover how a victim lived it will help you to find out how they died.

A source told The Sun: "Channel 4 are proud of the production values with Murder Island but have decided the investigation is over."

A spokesperson also told The Sun: "Murder Island was a bold and creative programme that found an engaged audience who were hooked right until the end. Our commissioning strategy is to continue to develop new formats and exciting ideas."

Murder Island is available to stream on Channel 4 now.


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