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Mrs Brown's Boys will return in 2024, its star Brendan O'Carroll has confirmed. The next episode will be the 50th episode of the series in total.

O'Carroll told the Daily Star: "As long as the BBC keep asking, we’ll keep making episodes. It’s down to what the BBC want and what we can plan around.

“We are definitely making more specials...

"Whether we do another full series or not depends on dates. When we started we signed on to do 18 episodes across three years. Now we’ve done 49 episodes, which is ­absolutely incredible. We’ll be doing our 50th episode in 2024.”"

This year's Christmas special saw Mrs Brown want a nice, peaceful Christmas, but the family have other ideas! Cathy’s decided to cook Christmas dinner for the first time ever, a sentimental decoration has gone missing and a surprise dinner guest all have the potential to ruin Agnes’ quiet Christmas.

In the upcoming New Year special, Mrs Brown and the gang start the New Year by attempting a tough new health and fitness regime. New year, new Agnes! But while Maria and Cathy work hard to get the gang into shape, a mysterious visitor to Finglas raises some difficult questions from Agnes and Winne’s past.

Mrs Brown's Boys airs on BBC One.

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