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Mr Bates vs The Post Office: The Real Story | Preview (ITV1)

In the early 2000’s The Post Office rolled out a new IT system called Horizon. It was meant to make the lives of Subpostmasters easier.

But Horizon had hidden faults.  Subpostmasters (SPMs) using it discovered losses in their accounts. SPMs would call the PO helpline, only to be told they were ‘the only one’ to be experiencing these issues. They weren’t.

Over several years the Post Office accused them of theft and sent some to jail. Now, after years of campaigning, Subpostmasters who’ve been living with criminal convictions are getting justice and their convictions quashed. While the wait for compensation continues. 

Mr Bates vs the Post Office: The Real Story is based on intimate interviews with key protagonists, clips from the drama, archive from the time and specially shot material of the actual locations to piece together the impact of these appalling events on the Subpostmasters themselves.

The documentary is available now on ITVX.


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