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Channel 4 has commissioned a new series Great British History Hunters for More 4 following the real-life detectorists and the journey their fascinating finds make through the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure processes.

This series will tell warm characterful stories about ordinary people that are out-and-about all over the country making extraordinary discoveries every day.

Whether metal detectorists, mudlarks or amateur archaeologists, they all have a passion for finding the missing pieces that help tell the story of our past.

With unique access to the British Museum’s dedicated team of archaeologists, curators, conservators, and scientists, the discoveries are filmed from soil to gallery, revealing more history from the objects at each stage.

Since its inception in 1997, there’s been over 1.5m finds recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme – a project to record archaeological finds made by the public - and whilst some of these artefacts can reap financial rewards for the finders, more importantly they also help shed light on the history of our nation.

Steph Harris, Creative Director at Tuesday’s Child comments: “After 18 months of being rooted to our homes, a collective curiosity about our local areas has seen a huge rise in reported finds as more people have taken up detecting and mudlarking and we’ve been privileged to work with the team at the British Museum to be able to follow the process from the moment an item is unearthed to it ending up in a case in a museum.”

Great British History Hunters will air on More 4 next year.

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