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PREVIEW: Kathy Burke - Money Talks, Channel 4

Award-winning actor, writer and theatre director Kathy Burke fronts this new two-part documentary, in which she delves deep into our relationship with money.

Having experienced both sides of the coin, Kathy's not afraid to ask the difficult questions or share personal insights into her own life. In this first episode, we learn how Kathy, who was born into very little money, worked hard to carve out a decent career and a healthy bank balance.

But money was never the motivating factor, and she has never been driven by a desire to be rich. In a bid to find out where our attitude to wealth comes from, Kathy starts her journey by meeting a couple of old friends, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. Throughout their illustrious careers, both have gained a lot of comedy mileage by creating characters defined by their class and status.

Kathy also tracks down businessman Alfie Best, one of the richest men in the country, to find out what he does with his money and what motivates him to want even more. On a guided tour of his £8.5 million mansion, Alfie explains how as a Romany Gypsy, life hasn't always been so luxurious.

Born on the side of a road in a caravan, he's set himself the target of becoming a billionaire because he lives in fear of going bust. Keen to also find out more about people who are simply born into wealth, Kathy persuades her old chum Lady Anne Lambton to chat about hereditary wealth and recall how a life of privilege led to embarrassment.

Society's obsession with get-rich-quick schemes then leads Kathy to Wigan, where she meets midwife Ruth, who won £1 million on the lottery in 2014. Ruth has had a few nice holidays and paid off her mortgage, but she still works, lives in the same house and shops for bargains at Aldi. Exec Prod: Colleen Flynn; Series Prod/Dir: Lee Phillips; Prod Co: Flicker Productions

Episode two will be available to watch or download for free on All 4 on 5 July, following the transmission of this episode


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