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Scarlett Moffatt, who failed her driving test not once but thirteen times, is to present new BBC One series Driving School later this year.

Hold on to your L-plates and standby for joy, laughter and tears as Scarlett Moffatt - who has failed her driving test 13 times - opens the doors to her exclusive driving school.

Across the country, learner drivers have been missing out on driving lessons with professional instructors during the pandemic.

Instead, the teaching duties have fallen to those closest to them, their unfortunate family members, spouses and closest friends. It’s testing loved ones’ relationships just as much as the learner’s driving skills.

But help is here as Scarlett Moffatt welcomes Brits who are struggling to pass their test to her unique five-day driving school in Teesside.

Each learner driver and their amateur teacher (their long suffering family member or friend) will be given some much needed help from some of the UK’s top professional driving instructors.

After an intensive crash course, can the duos work together to pass their test after just five days at the school?

Scarlett said: "I know exactly how these learners feel and how much strain it puts on the person teaching you – no one will get in a car with me any more. I hope that my new show will give us all the confidence to finally rip up those L plates and hit the road."

Aisling O'Connor, Head of TV Commissioning for BBC England, says: “Scarlett is the perfect person for BBC England to work with, as we do our job of reflecting the people and places that matter to our audiences up and down the country.

“This new series examines an experience many people go through, and viewers will see learner drivers put their skills to the absolute test in the hope of passing the five-day intensive course. I’m delighted to be working with Frieda. TV and BBC Factual on this exciting proposition for the audience.”


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